Infinity Kingdom Healthcare Limited is an independent healthcare company registered in England and Wales with its registered office in Cardiff, Wales. The organisation will be providing a range of care and support services to people in their own homes so that they can continue to live independently and remain in control of their own lives.

Our brilliant Staff Members

Our primary objective is to develop our workforce‘s career by giving a platform to increase their responsibilities and contribute to the company innovative and new ways of providing quality services. 

All new staff have an induction program based on the All Wales Induction Framework for Health and Social Care and the accompanying resources. All new and inexperienced staff “shadow” a more experienced staff member for a period until they are considered safe and competent to work on their own.

The organisation shall appoint an independent training provider to work with our coordinator and ensure that everyone is competent in the subjects that are considered “mandatory” (manual handling, etc.)

The coordinator will identify and meet any special learning needs arising from service users’ personal plans, e.g. if they have dementia or if it has been agreed that care staff will carry out delegated healthcare tasks such as administration of medication or catheter care, and will provide or enable those staff to receive the appropriate training. The evidence for the effectiveness of this approach can be found in individual training records and the number of certificates gained by staff.

Our Objective

For Infinity Kingdom Health Care LTD to fulfil its mission, the following objectives need to be achieved:

• Promote independence by encouraging clients or their representatives to participate as fully as possible in formulating their care plans 

• Provide person-centred care and meet the clients’ holistic needs. 

• To recognise the client’s diversity by ensuring religious, cultural, racial, and gender identities are respected (non – discriminatory approach). 

• To ensure that the clients are always treated with dignity and respect and that they are safeguarded from the risk of abuse and/or neglect.

• Always treat all clients and all our staff with respect.

• Respect an individual’s requirement for privacy always and treat information related to individuals in a confidential manner.

• To ensure that the quality of the service provided is of the highest standards possible.

• To provide the highest standard of care from the very best staff and management team.

• Provide person centred care plans to meet the client needs

• Our keys to success

• Professional quality of services offered 

• Reliability –available for support 24/7 and adequate staffing

• Effective collaboration with other community professionals (Local Authorities, NHS Hospitals and other health and social care organisations) 


At the moment Infinity Kingdom is learning to live with the current pandemic. Staff are tested using LFT kits on a weekly basis, staff are currently being offered the vaccine. Now more than ever Support and Care staff are in high demand therefor now is a great time to consider a career in healthcare, with competitive pay, schedules as busy or relaxed as you want, no day will be the same!

Infinity Kingdom Healthcare is on a recruitment drive. Looking for staff to work with the following.

Support Type

Dementia Care
Palliative Care 
Main Carer night relief/respite 

Areas in Cardiff 

Cardiff North
Cardiff West 
Cardiff Central

In return, we offer staff funded diplomas from level 2 to 5 as well as a competitive rate of pay.